Using Daily Challenges for Mindful Habits

Daily Challenges for Mindful Habit Forming

Daily challenges, or a series of activities on a specific topic done in a repeated fashion, are methods for developing a habit. A habit is a learned automatic response that can be either useful as in “good” habits or harmful as in “bad” habits. A habit is created through repeating an action often and ingraining it in our memory. Habits can be form in as short as two weeks but can take over two months depending on the activity and steps involved in forming the habit. A 30-day challenge can is a good starting point. It is a long enough time for participants to determine if the activity is useful for them. If they find it useful, they may wish to continue to make it permanent. Long term change will require the skills learned in the initial 30-days of a challenge be continued past the 30-day mark to become ingrained enough in our brains to be part of regular life.  While consistency is essential for making any new habit stick, attitude is also critical. Studies show that missing a day or two of a habit-forming activity, like a daily challenge, does not hinder the outcome much, but the more difficult the behavioral change was perceived, the longer it took for the habit to form as well as the more positive a participant viewed the activity the faster it became ingrained.  

Sharing Challenges

One way to maintain a positive outlook toward a change we are working on, is to share our experience with others. When participants join any of the Attention Flowers challenges, they are invited to join our Facebook Group, Attention Flowers Mindfulness. We also encourage participants to post on Twitter their progress, thoughts on the daily activities, and their joys and concerns as they work on forming new mindful habits. Posting progress in challenges is a popular theme on social media and studies have shown it can support participants emotionally and make participant more accountable to themselves and other, both vital to positive change.

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