“Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there that needs what you have to give.”


Share Your Knowledge

Attention Flowers! is a small family run business that is always looking for people who want to contribute or donate their time, knowledge, and skills to the goal of Attention Flowers!. Our goals are to help our community and friends bring themselves back to the present moment to connect with their own goals, dreams, joys, and the people around them, and by doing so improve their lives and our world. Want to contribute to help with this goal? Have a skill or specialized knowledge to add. Please submit the contributor form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. THANK YOU!!

We offer a special a membership levels for our site writers and technical support, the Lotus Membership Level. To learn more contact us via our contact form or by filing out the contributor form.

Share Your Photography

Attention Flowers! uses flower photography in all of our materials.  Flowers are everywhere and can serve as reminder to all of us to be more mindful. However, there are flowers that stand out and really draw the attention of those who see them. Have you taken photos of these stars of the natural world?  Would you like to share your flower photos with Attention Flowers!?  Paid Member can share their photos on our site in our Members Gallery for all site visitors to see and rate.  Photos rated high by our member may be featured in our daily social media post or challenges.  See the photo submission requirements and submittal form on the Member Gallery page.

Content Contribution Form

Contribution Form

Financial Support?

Attention Flowers! is not a Non-Profit. Attention Flowers! is a subsidiary of On Corner Enterprises, a for profit company, run by Darhla and James Gilson. However, Attention Flowers! was established to help the community, our friends, and family and is not focused on profits, but instead collects memberships dues and sells merchandise to support the maintenance and continued improvement of the website. As such, if you would like to donate to the site maintenance or just buy Darhla and James a cup of tea in appreciation for their work on this site, please feel free to push the donate button to be connected to our payment gateway. We will appreciate it.