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We are about living today and enjoying the now through mindfulness and a love of flowers.

We’re so glad you’re here. Attention Flowers! is a platform for sharing flower photography, mindfulness practice and knowledge, and ideas to improve mood, focus, and happiness. Attention Flowers! is the passion project of Darhla Gilson, a designer, a lifelong lover of flowers, and a long-time student of mindfulness and the natural world. James Gilson is the site cofounder, a Mental Health Counselor with 30 years’ experience helping people and improving mental health as well as a vocal artist, performer, and martial arts practitioner.

James and Darhla Gilson

Co-Founders of Attention Flowers

Our Vision

Attention Flowers! helps our community and friends bring themselves back to the present moment to connect with their goals, dreams, joys, and the people around them, and by doing so improve their lives and our world.

Our Motto

“Pause, Breathe, and Smell the Roses.”

Similar to the classic phrase “Stop and smell the roses”, Our motto differs in that we understand that it is difficult for most of us to just “stop”. Instead, we focus on pausing whenever we can to take a moment to be mindful and appreciate the world around us because even small steps can lead to big successes.

2022 is the Inaugural Year for Attention Flowers!

Our Story

Attention Flowers is just getting started, but the company is part of a larger established family organization, On Corners Enterprises. On Corners Enterprises has a history of helping people for over 25 years. Established originally in 1997 as Life Directions Counseling, the company evolved into On Corners Enterprises, which focuses primarily on providing educational services to mental health professionals. Through Attention Flowers, On Corners Enterprises continues its mission to provide services to the larger community and improve individual and community well-being.

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